What if you could get paid crypto while improving your coding skills? That's the idea behind this series of challenges we're running with Replit.

As you may know from the previous task, Replit is a place where people go to code, create, and learn together. It offers a free in-browser developer environment to code in 50+ languages without wasting time on setup. We just ran the first 1729 Replit task on data science, and users had fun creating some great data science and visualization projects.

Now it's time to see who can build the best Discord bots via Replit. Discord is a well-known chat application that started in the gaming universe, but has since then expanded to manage many different kinds of communities. It's useful for organizing things like the network unions we've discussed in previous posts.

Discord bots are automated programs that can automatically respond to events and commands on Discord servers. For example, a bot might help with moderation, role assignments, logs, memes, music and more. They're kind of like robotic civil servants, which help moderate your community and keep order in your nascent network union.

To get a sense of what they can do, here are some examples of Discord bots that have been created on Replit to date. Your task is to create one just like this.

✅ Task: Earn $100-$1000 in BTC

Create a great Discord bot on Replit

This task is relatively straightforward: use Replit to create a Discord bot.

If you need motivation, think about a community you'd like to set up, perhaps for an immediate circle of friends, or perhaps for a topic like longevity or zero-knowledge proofs or the like. Then think about what a useful bot might be for that community – maybe one that looks up references or finds related links when people post things in the community. You might also tweet or post to find an existing Discord community, and see if they need help with a bot that you can code. Finally, you can set up a demo one yourself just to learn how chatbots work for later use.

Once you've got an idea of what community you want to manage and what bot you want to set up, the next steps are simple:

  1. First, familiarize yourself with Discord and how to make a Discord bot, for example with this video.
  2. Then, create a great Discord bot on Replit, including a README describing your project.
  3. Publish your project on a Replit Spotlight page and then add it to the Apps page as well.
  4. Submit the link to your Spotlight page below.

The single best submission will receive $1000 in BTC, and the next five best will each receive $100 in BTC.

🏆 Winners: Best Discord Bots

Five submissions received $100 in BTC for their Discord bot made with Replit. The grand prize winner for the best bot received $1000 in BTC. Check them out below!

Grand Prize Winner:

Next Best Winners: