Proof-of-workout continues to be a very popular task. Many commented that the task pushed them to go for a workout right away – to get out of bed, go for a run, or pick up the weights. We've had people say that they've started working out again after months or years since they last were in shape. We've had others who are submitting proof-of-triathlons. Proof-of-workouts are coming in from all around the world, from runners in India to cyclists in England. It's been inspiring to see and we are excited to keep the momentum.

So, how do we that? James Clear wrote an excellent book called Atomic Habits on how to turn the things you want to do into automatic processes via cues, cravings, responses, and rewards. Briefly:

  1. You set up a cue, like seeing your running shoes
  2. You get a craving for what comes after the response, like improving your fitness tracking progress
  3. You execute on the response, like going for a run
  4. And then you get a reward, like posting your healthy selfie / fitness dashboard screenshot here for the proof-of-workout!

This is a way to consciously addict yourself to good things. Here's an example:

Towards that end, this week's proof-of-workout is open to all, but we want to particularly encourage comments on how you set up your habits to work out, sleep well, and eat right routinely.

✅ Task: Earn $10 in BTC

Submit a proof-of-workout and tell us how you're making it habitual

For proof-of-workout, please submit a screenshot from a fitness dashboard (from something like Fitbit, Tonal, Apple Watch, Peloton, Strava, or the like) for a workout completed after this post was published. You can also include a healthie (healthy selfie) alongside.

Then include a comment on your cue, craving, response, and reward. Namely, how do you make (or want to make) your workout, sleep, and eating habits automatic, rather than episodic?

🏆 Winners: Best Proof-of-Workout

One hundred submissions received $10 in BTC for their Proof-of-Workout and comment on making it a habit. Check out some of the public submissions below!