Our earlier experiment with proof-of-workout worked! Hundreds of people exercised and sent in their proofs, and one hundred of the best were selected and got paid $10 in Bitcoin each. Below are some notes on the process, plus a new proof-of-workout task with $1000 in $10 prizes for screenshots of fitness dashboards.

Proof-of-workout via photos

Many submitted private proof-of-workouts, but plenty posted public workout shots to inspire others. Here are some of the best healthies (healthy selfies) which were shared publicly:

Proof-of-workout via fitness dashboards

Healthies are great, and motivating. But we may want to accompany them with quantitative data.

That gets us to the second large class of proof-of-workout proofs: namely, screenshots of various fitness dashboards. These are particularly interesting as they could be the foundation for a more private, cryptographically verifiable proof-of-workout. Specifically, a true proof-of-workout might involve realtime data feeds from a Fitbit or Tonal that are cryptographically time-stamped entries in the ledger of record. For now, screenshots are fine as a first approximation!

We received as many screenshots as we did healthies, and many of the selected winners submitted both in tandem. Here are some of the best publicly shared screenshots:

The theoretical reason to do proof-of-workout is that microincentives can help change behavior. The philosophical reason is that fitness tracking and quantified self are the first steps towards transhumanism, and because staying fit today is on a straight line with reversing aging tomorrow.

But the practical reason is that all of you loved it. So many of you asked to see the proof of workout task again, so here it is - this time a bit more focused on fitness dashboards.

βœ… Task: Earn $10 in BTC for a fitness dashboard screenshot

Submit a screenshot from a fitness dashboard for a proof-of-workout

For this second proof of workout, we ask you to specifically to submit a screenshot from a fitness dashboard (from something like Fitbit, Tonal, Apple Watch, Peloton, Strava, or the like) for a workout completed after this post was first published. You can also include a healthie (healthy selfie) alongside. We ask that you include in the form submission the URL of the app or product you use to prove your workout, and to do your best to make this evident in the screenshot.

From your submissions, we will be able to see which fitness products are the most popular within our community, and we may even look to collaborate with a few in the future for new fitness tasks for the whole 1729 community.

πŸ† Winners: Best Proof-of-Workout

One hundred submissions received $10 in Bitcoin for their Proof-of-Workout. Check out some of the public submissions below!