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The Replit team wrote a number of tutorials, and wants to know how people are experiencing them. So we're asking you to (a) try the data science tutorial and (b) create and publish a Spotlight page where you can show off your new knowledge. Think of a Spotlight page as a combination of GitHub and Behance, where you demonstrate the code and the visuals, and where anyone can fork your work to extend it. Here's an example:

If your Spotlight page is chosen, you will win $100 in Bitcoin!

Task: Earn $100 in BTC

  1. First, complete the Replit data science tutorial here.
  2. Next, create and publish a Spotlight page that uses what you just learned about data science and visualization. Points for creativity.
  3. Submit the link to your Spotlight page below. The ten best submissions will each receive $100 in Bitcoin.

🏆 Winners: Best Replit Projects

Ten submissions received $100 in BTC for their Replit published on Spotlight. Check them out below!