Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of April 24, 2022.

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Meeting Recap

This past meeting featured two really excellent, in-depth lightning talks:

These talks just keep getting better and better, so if you're not here then you're missing out.


In the past, I've added new 1729 Beta members to a Google Calendar event that I host, but this approach makes it difficult for members to manage their own settings and notifications. So I've created brand new calendar for all events that members can subscribe to. I'll be sending out a mass email on this to let people know, then deleting the old calendar event sometime next week.

The lightning talks are starting to stretch towards the 20 minute mark, which is not quite so "lightning" at this point. It's probably good to start to dial the length back down to keep them at around 10 minutes. Please refer to the Member Resources page for details on format, timing, etc., as well as for a signup sheet to give one.

I've added a few more past talks to the github/1729/community repo, so look there if you want to get up to speed on some of what we've covered thusfar.

The next 1729 Writer's Group cohort is tentatively starting on July 2, so if you want to join then check in with the #writers channel.


  • There's an NYC meetup happening tonight (Friday, 04-29-2022). The location is Fri Apr. 29th at 6PM EST Spritzenhaus33  33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Calls to Action

The 1729 Writer's Group is looking for someone to step up and host the group's regular calls while the leaders are working on other projects in-between cohorts. So check in with MattHarder#4114 if you want to get involved there.