Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of May 8, 2022.

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Meeting Recap

This past meeting, I gave a talk on the network union concept of a call-to-action board. This concluded with an actual call to action, which I'll cover more in the "Announcements" section:

Calls To Action
Calls To Action A meta-CTA

Announcements & Asks

Proof-of-Workout CTA

One of the core concepts in the network union is the call to action (CTA). The original essay envisioned a daily CTA, but in order to get started experimenting with the idea, we'd like to try something a bit more focused and smaller scale.

The basic idea is to set up a single CTA for the month of June that also gets us into putting proof-of-workout on-chain.


  • Qualifications: Any 1729 member with a Fitbit + a Strava account.
  • Win condition: An unbroken streak of meaningful (TBD) exercise per day for 10 days within the month of June.

Rewards: 1729 June 2022 Fitness Collectible NFT

Expiry: CTA expires on the last day of June 2022.

In order to accomplish this, we plan to LARP it into existence without writing much code. This means we'll need a DRI for each of the following steps:

  • Source some NFT art for the badges.
  • Copy fitness results from Strava into some recordkeeping app with a public view, like Airtable or a Google Sheet. (Record rows have to be linked to both Discord names and wallet addresses!) We have to poll here, because if we rely on participant push it’ll fizzle.
  • Update a dashboard that shows who’s in the running and making progress
  • Identify & announce winners, and confirm wallets
  • Take the art we made, and use it to mint NFTs to the winning wallets.

We'll be coordinating in the thread #lectures => CTA LARP -- Proof of Workout, so drop by if you want to either contribute to the CTA or join the Strava group to win an NFT.

Pro-technology Media

Balaji put an ask in #lectures for someone to make a microsite using carrd.co for listing media – books, TV shows, movies – that's pro-technology and -science. Here's a tweet he offered as a start:

Any takers on this? Put Amazon Affiliate links on it and we can give it some promotion.