Bored Elon Musk isn't really a parody; it's an homage to Elon Musk, arguably the greatest founder and CEO of our time.

We need more Elons building the future. And we also need more Bored Elons writing homages to people building the future. I can't do it alone; we need many technological progressives with positive and even whimsical visions of the future. That's why the latest Bored Elon Musk project is human cloning. Specifically, cloning myself.

✅ Task: Earn $100 in BTC

Tweet an idea worthy of BoredElonMusk

I want you to do your best Bored Elon impersonation, and come up with a funny solution to an annoying problem, like this:

Here are some guidelines:

  • Look at past popular @boredelonmusk tweets for the style
  • Proposed inventions can be things for the home, your city, the world, or the universe!
  • Stick to things that are relevant in 2021 but not necessarily about specific people
  • Tag @boredelonmusk and @oneseventwonine so we see it
  • Visuals in your tweet are good, especially napkin sketches :)

If your idea is selected, we'll give you $100 in BTC. Please note that if selected we may modify your content, use it as inspiration, RT it, reply, or quote tweet it as we see fit! We will give you credit in a hat-tip.

🏆 Winners: Best BoredElonMusk Inventions

A total of ten submissions received $100 in Bitcoin for tweeting the best inventions that are most worthy of BoredElonMusk. Check them out below and see which one is your favorite!